The Mystik Merchant Guarantee

Mystik Merchant strives to make the best robes and cloaks on the 'Net. You’re getting quality goods that we stand behind 100%! There’s no “all sales final” here. We want you to be completely satisfied or else.

How does it work?

If the purchase doesn't work for you, contact us immediately at queries@mystikmerchant.com.

If it’s a problem that can be fixed on your end, we will help you find a solution. If a solution can't be found, then:

Do not just mail the garment back to us. We will instruct you on how to send the UNWORN item back in the same box & wrappings. Trying it on to make sure that it fits and is the correct garment doesn't count as UNWORN, but wearing to a party or event and then changing your mind does. Refunds are made via Square after we receive the package and confirm that everything is there. It takes a few days for them to process, but you get your money back. Guarantee does not cover items that are simply too long, please see "Troubleshooting Common Problems" below.

There is a 10 DAY limit on refunds from the time you take delivery. The Customer is resonpisble for the cost of shipping.

Troubleshooting Problems (click to expand)

If you accidentally ordered the wrong color, we'll try to replace the robe with one of the correct color.

To prevent this in the future, double check you’ve ordered the correct color and that our order confirmation is the correct color.

We always keep a stock of black and brown. For any other colors, replacement will depend on availability of that color. If the color is available, but not in our stock there may be a restocking fee. If we no longer have access to that color and we are unable to find a suitable replacement for you, we will issue you a refund after you have returned the garment.

We will not shorten a too-long hem. This is an easy fix you can do locally. You can hem it yourself or ask a sewing friend to help. There are some dry cleaners and alteration businesses that will also do this, but get a quote from them first.

It will cost less and be faster to take it in locally than to repack, buy postage, and return to us. That can take a week or longer!

Avoid this problem by being very careful when taking your measurements.

Double check your numbers for typos.

Do not add or subtract from your measurement numbers. We have already worked that into our patterns.

Double check measurements on Pre-made items.

We'll replace or refund it.

Avoid this problem by being very careful when taking measurements.

Double check your numbers for typos.

Double check measurements on Pre-made items.

No. If you want a robe or cloak just for a single event, then rent one locally. Don't buy from us. Cheaters go on our "never again" list.

We might do a refund, but will deduct a "rental fee" based on the condition of the returned robe. The worse condition the robe or cloak is in, the higher the fee.