Now that you have your new robe or cloak, what should you do next?

Step One:

Try it on! Make sure that it fits the way you expected it to. If it fits and is poly/cotton or cotton, proceed to Step Two. If it fits and is wool or a wool blend, proceed to Step Three. If you have found a problem, please contact us immediately. Try to keep the original packaging and wrapping as whole as possible just in case something is wrong enough that you need to return it to us.

Step Two:

Wash it! (Unless it's wool, then see below) The fabric was pre-shrunk before it was cut, but may have some left over bits of fuzz from the sewing process. We launder and pre-shrink the fabric using fragrance and dye free, hypoallergenic detergent before we cut. We also give your final garment a good once over with a keen eye and a sticky roller.

Step Three:

Enjoy! (This is a required step. ;) )

Step Four:

Take pictures and send them to us for the Customer Gallery! (This step is totally optional, but encouraged.)

How to clean:

Poly/Cotton Blend (most current robes/cloaks)

Wash in a cold or warm washing machine (cold is recommended) using your preferred washing detergent.

Tumble dry on permanent press, low, or medium heat, or lay flat in an area with decent air flow.

Do Not Use High Heat or Heavy Duty settings. This can potentially lead to shrinkage, color fading, loss of the material's wrinkle resistance, and/or pilling of the material.

If you feel that you absolutely must iron your garment, be sure to avoid any extremely high heat settings. We recommend the “Synthetic” or “Silk” setting with steam. Do not linger in any one spot for an extended time.

Wool and Wool Blends

Machine washing and drying can cause your robe or cloak to shrink. We have pre-shrunk the fabric to reduce further shrinkage, but it hasn't been completely eliminated.

Wool is naturally soil and water resistant and would only need the occasional spot cleaning with a stiff bristle boar hair brush or something similar.

If your wool robe or cloak becomes thoroughly soiled, hand washing (if your washing machine has a handwash/delicates/wool setting, you can use that instead) and line drying is recommended. Hot water plus agitation is the enemy here.

Dry cleaning may also be an option.