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For Domestic Orders

Go to our Online Store. Be sure to include your measurements and deadline date in the order notes.

We will send you a confirmation email within one business day of receiving your order to make sure that all of the information we have is accurate. If you would prefer us to confirm by phone or text, please add that to your order notes.

For International Orders

At the current time, Square doesn't support International Orders in their online stores. This means we have to manually create an Invoice for you. In an email, provide us with your measurements, your shipping address, and your deadline date. We will then create an invoice for you and send it to you. Once you've double checked that all of your information is correct on the invoice and your payment has cleared we will get to work on your order.

There are additional shipping costs for International orders depending on what region of the world we are shipping to. These costs do not cover customs fees.

Please allow 14 business days for delivery. We are usually much faster, but this allows for unexpected delays like bad weather or a need to order more fabric.

Special events like Celebration, Halloween, movie premieres, and Christmas: ORDER EARLY! Do not wait until the last day of our posted deadline. We’re fast, but Murphy’s Law can change that.

Once your robe or cloak is ready and in the mail, we will send you an email with your tracking info. We ship through USPS Priority Mail. For domestic orders, this will mean that you should get your package approximately 2 business days after you receive your shipping confirmation email. For international customers, it will take 2-3 weeks on average for the package to enter customs. Be aware that some countries will also charge custom fees on orders, and those fees are beyond our control.

No. We make custom-fit robes and cloaks only, and see to it they're the best ones out there. We are not set up for the rest of the outfit. We don't even have patterns for those.

For help with the rest of the outfit, you can try Padawan's Guide.

Yes! The only colors that we keep in stock are black and brown, but our go to fabric supplier carries several other colors as well. There is a small markup for colors we do not keep readily on hand and the shipping will take slightly longer since we'll have to order the new color on a case-by-case basis. Send us a message and we can make arrangements.


We have put years into learning how to draft patterns, source materials, and master the art of garment construction. What would normally take us a few hours could take a less experienced person days or weeks.

We’ve worked out the bugs. Just check the Feedback and Gallery page. We get it right or you get a refund.

Technically yes, but we would not suggest it. They are rugged and reasonably heavy weight, but are not suited for holding back any kind of significant inclement weather. Our current selection of robes and cloaks are largely for costume use.

As we expand our selection, this may be an option in the future.

We have, but kids grow fast and few parents want to shell out for an expensive robe that will be too short in a few months.

Once in awhile we’ll do a kid-sized robe for a parent/child cosplay, but due to the expense (same fabric, same amount of labour) we recommend parents get one of the bag costumes, at least for younglings. Older children may want to look more like mom and dad, but the little ones won’t know the difference.

Inquire first about availability. We’ll need the child’s measurements to estimate a price.

Mystik Merchant items are constructed in a smoke-free, pet-free studio.

We do share a laundering area with pet owners and clean the machines before pre-shrinking the fabric, but it’s impossible to get everything.

If you have severe pet allergies, let us know and we will take extra precautions when pre-shrinking your fabric.

Thank you, but we're a very TINY business and can't afford to give away robes or even discount them. We'll be happy to offer a small discount for multiple robe orders so long as they all go to the same delivery address, but that's all we can do. Exposure is nice, but doesn't pay the bills.

Maybe. Send us pictures or links to good clear views of the item and we'll let you know. Be aware that game engine physics do not always match reality despite how advanced they are now. This means many game designs won't function the same in the real world.



For most uses, our Black Master's Robes work just fine though they aren't strictly speaking screen accurate for Darth Maul. If you are looking for a screen accurate Darth Maul robe, with sun-ray pleats, specific sleeves, etc, we do no provide those. They were created from the graduation robes worn at Cambridge and Oxford with extra pieces added.

If the robe is too short, mail it back, send us the correct measurements, and we'll replace it.

If it's too long, you can hem it yourself. If you can sew on a button, you can do a hem, we'll work with you. It's easier to do that than send it back to us.

We don't recommend taking it to a dry cleaner who does alterations. Get a quote for the work first. One client got stuck with a 70.00 bill for less than 5 minutes of sewing time from a alterations person who thought rather too well of her work.

Ask a sewing relative/friend to run a quick hem for you.

See our Guarantee page for more information.

Send it back, we'll replace it with the correct color.

See our Guarantee page for more information.

Send it back within 10 days for a refund.


If you try to return a worn robe, you will be charged a rental fee. If you think that we won't be able to tell the difference between a worn and unworn robe, you'd be mistaken.

See our Guarantee page for more information.

Feel free to contact us at queries@mystikmerchant.com for any other question, comments, or concerns.