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This is our favorite part of the job -- hearing back from the people we've had the pleasure to serve!

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"The Jedi robes & cloaks came out perfectly. The quality was awesome, the hang was deep and flowing and the shape was perfect. I was thrilled to see them finally on the wedding party (the day of!). It was amazing how they fit so well for having the wearers scattered across the USA and using so few measurements. Thank you so much for helping make this day so complete."- Tara C., Texas 2/21/06

"I just wanted to commend you guys on a job well done. I was quite impressed when I got my Anakin cloak, and can not even begin to tell you how many people at the Halloween Parade asked me about my Anakin cloak. You guys truly are amazing. Here are pictures of me in my costume for you to post on your page. Again thanks for all the work, and I look forward to ordering more items from you in the very near future. Always One, Chris" 11/4/04

My Jedi robe arrived! It is gorgeous! I love it; it's exactly what I wanted. The sewing is really professional, an awesome robe. My brother is keen to get a black one later in the year for his birthday (I bought my robe for my birthday!)." -- K. R. in New Zealand

We are VERY pleased with our Jedi Robe from Mystik Merchant! From the exceptional quality of the fabric to the professional stitching and hemming, this robe surpassed all of our expectations. It fits perfectly with the correct amount of draping. The hemming and stitching is durable and shows off your high quality work. And it's a great value considering the fine craftsmanship. Truly a work of art. We would be very happy to provide customer feedback references for you." - The Temptress

"Our Mystik Merchant Jedi robe provided the final authentic completing touch to our hero costume.

With most of the wardrobe being crafted by industry costumers, we were hesitant at first about having such an essential element come from a new source. The robe was beyond expectations, beautifully crafted, accurately patterned and built to take the kind of abuse on location wear will dish out.

If you're looking for craftsmanship, quality and the finishing touch to elevate your costume above the rest and stand out from the crowd, Mystik Merchant Jedi robes are the clear choice." -- Producers, "After the Fall"

Images are copyright 2016 Geoffrey Donne and/or Artists on the Attack, images used with permission.

"As a filmmaker, I'm always on the move, so I need things done quickly but effectively. Mystik Merchant is not like other BS companies that take 4-8 weeks to deliver their products. I got my robe in under a week! Mystik Merchant Jedi Robes rocks and I'm definitely doing business again with them soon." -- Juan Navado

Thanks again for the amazing robe! - Josh R.

Jedi Master Lao was gracious enough to allow his image to be taken by a primitive 2-D recording device. He wears one of Mystik Merchant's WOOL Jedi robes, along with an impressive collection of other authentic-looking Jedi gear. Our Mad Seamstress is mad to know where he found those awesome boots!

"Hey guys, the robe arrived today! I can truly say that it is awesome, a lot better than I expected--it fits perfectly. Thanks a lot, you've been great. I'll send you some pictures of me i my full costume and of the premier when I get back a week on Tuesday. Thanks again. Dave H. (1 satisfied customer)"

"I gotta say...I have absolutely loved your robe! I wore it to a rebel legion/501st event and got raves over it! Thanx again!" - Scott S.

"I had fun at Comic Con and was given tons of compliments on my costume and the robe. I personally think the robe sells it since it looks so great." -- Jim G.

“I got this from you years ago, it has evolved but is still epic.” – Lawrence H. - July 28, 2018

“I still have the robe I got in 2011 and it serves me well.. Thank you from THE Jolly GREEN Jedi” – Garr Eson, Rebel Legionnaire. - May 3, 2018

"My finished Halloween costume -- your robe really sold the look! A coworker is also a seamstress and she really admired your handiwork. Thanks again for the robe!" – Doug. -Nov. 2, 2015

“Rocking the Force (and one of our robes!) at the Boise Library, the Rebel Legion and the 501st Legion team up for a common cause! -Aug. 31, 2015”

“Just received the cloak this morning. :) It fits perfect and I like it very much. I ironed it and here is a photo of my work in progress for a steampunk Jedi. I will recommend your shop and products.” – Guy. - July 2, 2015

Braggin' rights! That's Mr. Al Yankovic himself on stage in a special order cape from Mystik Merchant. Oh, yeah, baby – we're playing in Vegas! Woo hoo! :D – May 13, 2015

This is the cape we made for "Weird" Al Yankovic. What a fun project! The Mad Seamstress is still in a bit of shock that he phoned her up himself to place the order. Seems a couple years before he ordered a cloak and kept the receipt with the number! Handy! :D – May 4, 2015

Mr. Yankovic asked for sparkles and was told he would have more sparkles than a Twilight vampire. – May 4, 2015

"Received my Awesome Apprentice cloak today and I must say it is unbelievable! Really! I was a little worried about the fabric but it really looks Incredible in person! Great construction, also. I'm very, very pleased! To be honest I bought a costume from another vender over you for my first purchase a few years ago and the hood wasn't deep enough and didn't hang/look proper with the hood up! I can just say yours is 100% perfect and scene accurate! Looks amazing while I'm walking around!" – Scott B. - May 11, 2015

"All I can say is awesome!!!! I like absolutely love it. I feel like a true Jedi, lol. My son even thinks so! Lol." – Gonzalo -March 27, 2014

“Thank you again in the perfect fit of the robe. Take care and blessing and luck.” – Gonzalo -Apr 11, 2014

"I received my robe yesterday. I love it! The style is spot on. The fabric is comfy and drapes well while also having some heft without being hot. Thank you very much! – Timothy :) " - May 7, 2013

"Just wanted to say thank you again for the amazing Jedi Robes! Wore mine to work, and with the mild breeze going, the billowing and flowing effect was awesome! Here's some pics from a Halloween party of my gf and I, and if I can get a pic from my work's costume contest, I'll send it your way too. Feel free to post em on your website or FB page! Thank you again! (FYI the pics are not touched up/Photoshopped. If anyone's curious, those are Ultrasabers in Consular Green with ultraedge blades. Another purchase of mine I was really happy with!" – Chris G. - Nov. 1, 2012

“I wore the robe with my new Jedi to Emerald City Comic Con the past weekend. The robe was a hit to say the least! As promised, here is a photo of me in it that you are free to use!” --Guy Evans, March 19, 2019

“Sorry for the long delay, but I promised you pictures of me in that great robe that you made for me!” --Mike U., May 9, 2019

"This is for Eric. He is 6'2" tall and 315lbs at 15. Hoping it is a little big since I don't think he is done growing. He is autistic. He has been saving his money for a robe from Amazon. $49.99 saved up but I know that cheap polyester won't last him a week. So we are springing for the difference. I know that Pat Elrod owned Mystic Merchants and says you are a good seamstress. I know her work was excellent and trust that yours will be too. Just know you made a really large kid ecstatic. He thinks the cheapie is coming from Amazon. I am going to use the lesson on buying for quality rather than cheapness."

"Gkid loved it! Please do share, he won't mind. He wears his robe to play games. Not sure if it helps but he does love it. So thank you so much!" --Darla C., March 20, 2020

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that the robes arrived today as you expected, and they both look great!" --Neil H. Oct. 23, 2020

"Just wanted to reach out and say thanks again. We had a great time on halloween (all socially distanced), and wanted to pass on a couple of pic of the finished costume, including your fantastic robe and the droids." --Neil H. Nov. 3, 2020

"Thank you again for this robe kids loved it and I hope to do another soon! I got some people to send to you!!!!" --Chris Reid. May 24, 2021

"I want to thank you for a wonderful robe and the final touch to my Halloween outfit! It arrived much sooner than I expected and the quality is simply astounding" --Michael Li(@lt.mogar). Oct. 23, 2021

Photographed by: Maideline Sanchez IG: @tea_incense_healing

IG: @lt.mogar

Photographed by: Maideline Sanchez IG: @tea_incense_healing

"Hey hope these are good enough to be featured in your gallery!" -- Michael Li (@lt.mogar). Aug. 6, 2022

Mystik Seamstress says, "Abso-freaking-lutely!"

Photographed by: Maideline Sanchez IG: @tea_incense_healing

"I thought you might like to see some pictures of your cloak from my trip." --Sean Connell. Aug. 30, 2022

"The robe came in today. It is amazing!!! I tried it on briefly and will try it on again later tonight with my full costume. I will totally share some pictures with you! I am beyond excited, it is amazing! " --Jeff W. Jul. 22, 2022

"I wanted to share with you a pic of me with the robe on the star cruiser. The robe was perfect!" --Jan. 13, 2023

Quotes & Feedback

“Received the robe today and it is perfect! Fits great… I love it. Excellent work! 100 times better than the thing that came with the “complete” costume I purchased.” -Scott F. 11/13/2017
"Mysti, got the robe today, and indeed it is an excellent way to celebrate a birthday! It fits perfectly, and is almost exactly like I expected it! [The MID WEIGHT] is a lot thicker/heavier than I imagined (which is totally fine)! Once I find some proper clothes to wear under the robe, I'll be sure to send you guys a picture. I'm so happy with the robe that I've posted a review/recommendation on a fairly dedicated Star Wars forum of mine. I'm not sure how often you guys receive orders, but I wouldn't be surprised if you receive a few in the coming week. ;) Thanks again!" Kevin M. Phoenix, July '09
"Order arrived today very much happy with them! especially love the way they flow when walking!" - Rob. T. Aug. '09
"Thank you so much for my BEAUTIFUL robe, I absolutely LOVE it!!! As soon as I can get someone to take some pictures, I will send them in to you. Sincerely, Wolf" Fort Lauderdale, Sept. '09
"The cloak is so cool - fits great. Much better quality than I might have expected. Thanks for the excellent service!" - C.P. TX, Sept. '09
"I just got my cloak on Friday, I was on vacation when it arrived and I was so excited to come home to it. It's great, it fits perfect, looks great, has a really good flow effect to it." L.M. Tx, Sept. '09
"Got the brown robe I ordered yesterday. Just wanted to let you guys know it is PERFECT. I have bought from online stores before and received sub-par products that looked nothing like the picture samples on the store site but what you delivered looks so much better in person than the pictures can capture. It looks feels and flows perfect. Thanks you so much for help and fast service. If anyone asks, I will recommend Mystik Merchant for sure. I will be keeping an eye out for your meditation robe as well. Thanks again, J.R. Tampa, FL, Oct. '08
"Got the Apprentice Cloak yesterday, you guys rule, it's awesome. It's so nice to have something tall enough for me, thanks." - Travis, AR, '09
"I received my robe today and it's totally awesome! Thank you very much!" - Darth Lorax, FL Oct '09
"This is awesome, great quality and and it's heavy. I was afraid it would be made out lf some thin sheet. But its not, it is a great! Just to end this its great and I love it." N.V. Kingsport, TN
"I just received the cloak this morning and it's amazing, I love it! It's better than I thought it would be!" Jackie T. Norwich, CT, Sept. '08
"Robes have got here and absolutely PERFECT. Actually using them for a Madonna show for "Like A Prayer" Will send you some photos when show is running. THANK YOU!" -- Benidorm Media, Spain Sept. '08
"The over-whelming response of my robes is unbelievable! Wished I had ordered one before the 'Harry Potter' conference in Chicago. This time, I have plans on attending 'Dragon Con' weekend. Again, I must say thank you for the professionally made robe. I will be sending business your way! --- ZHAR (John)
"Thank you very much, I had my cloak this afternoon when I got in from work, and have been parading around my house in it all afternoon, the fit is perfect. As soon as I can I will get a pic done for you...Again many thanks..." Anthony ( a very happy Welshman) Oct. '08
"Thank you so much for the robe -- it's perfect and awesome!" A.S. Utah, March '08
"It arrived BEFORE Yule! I am over come by giddiness! My husband will be thrilled when he opens his Yuletide gift. I was certain it was not going to be here in time (Yule being on the 21st) but lo! and behold! It arrived in three day's time! Incredible!! I opened it and took a look and it is fabulous. It is even better than I expected. I cannot thank you enough. it is simply marvelous. I will be keep your site saved and tell all of my friends. You did an extremely impressive job. ~Erica (and Max), '07
"I got my robe in and I love it! I was so snug in it I didn't want to get out of it, and I am still In it writing this message! Now my medieval clothes are coming in soon and off too the Star Wars and Ren fair! Thank you very much you did an excellent job! Thank you very much. Master Zoran '07
"My robe arrived yesterday. Undoubtedly the most accurate and affordable robe available on the internet. I had previously been disappointed with the configuration on other supposedly 'screen-accurate' robes, particularly in the shape of the hood, but your design achieved the most convincing parameters I have encountered. Many thanks!" Rory C. '07
"Just wanted to let you know that I got my wool robe today. It was awesome. I was in my obi-wan outfit with my robe and my son was in his Darth Vader outfit and we were having a lightsasber fight. It is a great robe. Well worth the money. I will send some pictures when I get time to. Thanks again and thank your Mad Seamstress for her hard work. It shows." Ryan M. '07
"Well, I picked up the robes on my lunch break yesterday and had my robe on before I got back into the car. And wore it for most of the afternoon at work, and most of the evening at home. The robes are fabulous! And you should get an award for customer service!" Rebecca, '07
"The robe arrived today, and it is beautiful. The quality is amazing. It looks exactly like the robes in the film. In the future I may need to replace my new one, and I would definitely rather go through you. You guys do outstanding work, and you have a company that can be trusted. For that, I and everyone I know will always come to you first. Thank you. Cory '07
"I just got my robe and man was it worth the wait! I was playing guitar in my room and I heard a knock at the door. I don't think I've ever ran so fast down the stairs. As I was opening it I had this uncontrollable grin on me the whole time. I put it on and I swear I already started feeling Darth's presence. It looks amazing! I know you probably already have, but tell the Mad Seamstress that I tremendously appreciate her patience and, now that I've seen the robe, can see how amazing she really is! I hope that you guys stay in business for a long time! I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone! Actually I already have. I am planning on wearing this to the upcoming Comicon convention. My admittance will be free! Thanks again! My best investment yet!" Dave '07
"I got my sith robe yesterday, you guys did an excellent job! just in time for the upcoming Comic-Con here in San Diego....many thanks!" Mathew S. '07
"Adam and I are working on some cool custom rotoscoped pictures from the event, but until then you can see our robes in action at this flickr page : http://www.flickr.com/photos/shadowphysics/sets/72157600302356601/ There's about 50 pictures there, and most of them showcase our Mystik Merchant wares. We're definitely going to get some rotoscoped saber pictures done for the satisfied customers page, but until then check out the pictures, and thanks again for all of your help, the robes were a hit with costumers and fans alike!" IA '07
"The robe you made for me is AWESOME. I had the pleasure to debut it at Celebration 4 in Los Angeles and I honestly think I had the best looking robe at the convention! It flowed beautifully and didn't drag at all. The fabric breathed really well. It was so comfortable both out in the sun and indoors amongst the huge crowds. It even helped to provide my girlfriend with some modesty when she wore her Slave Leia costume walking to and from the hotel. I've attached some pictures. Again, thank you so much for your wonderful work. I hope to wear it for years to come." Mike C. '07
"I just wanted to let you know that I received the umber robe tonight, and I think it looks great. I didn't expect to receive it tonight. Thank you for the lightning fast shipping. If you have a feedback section on your website, I'd love to post a positive comment. Best regards, Merritt '07
"Thanks so much. The Robe is amazing and has surpassed all my expectations as to the quality and workmanship. I will forward more pictures in the future (from forthcoming parties etc). Please could you put this on your website for now?..it’s the closest I’ll ever get to being famous. Thanks again. Will be ordering another one for a friend on the weekend." Jon '07
"Howdy--It's the guy who needed the robe for an evil wizard in a children's show... Just wanted to take some time to say thank you again!!! You made it so quickly and it arrived in time! It is really great quality and it fit my actor PERFECTLY!!! If only he was my size...;) Anyway - The Wizard is practically begging me to let him buy it from me and I have another cast member dying to get one for herself!!! And hey - I kind of want one too...;) Your work speaks for itself! Thanks for being so speedy and excellent to work with! I think you got two more future customers out of the deal!" - SingingCowboy '07
"Thanks Guys!! The Robe looks awesome and you surprised me with the quickness of delivery! Exceptional value! Thanks again! I'll spread the word to any Jedi wanna-bees I know! -Shane '07
"I have just received my Robe and It is Awesome!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! My friends and I are making a fan film - Sci-Fi fans vs football hooligans - when this is done I will send some pictures for you to put on the site - (apparently I am going to be using some Force- Lightning in the film - so that should make a good picture!!!) Thanks once again... there were no problems with the shipping to the uk either!!! - I will have no hesitation in purchasing anything from you in the future." Cheers!!! Lanka J. United Kingdom '07
"Got it a week or so ago, couldn't email back straight away as I'm camping in a field for 6 weeks of archaeological excavation! They both are great thankyou very much." -- Mike S. United Kingdom '07
"I would like to thank you. Your professionalism and the speed at which you have done this project has made me very happy. I will likely order more robes from you in the future. The one I ordered was for a friend of mine. Would it be possible for you to make me Tau Ritual Robes?" Brad G. '07 (The reply is Yes!)
"The robe arrived on Friday--that was excellent shipping time! Thank you so much for your fine product and diligent service. The robe will be featured in an upcoming fan film I will be apart of this September (it's going to be a comedy.) I'll send you a link to the film when it's complete. Thanks again!" =Aernk= '07
"I got the robes right on time and all I can say is "WOW!" I love them. All my friends said the robe was perfect. I got my inner robes done just before Halloween so I was able to take these pictures. The robe makes it look perfect! Thank you so much!! I hope my friends will be ordering from you." Joey V. Alturas, California
"I have just received my order of two of your Skywalker Cloaks. I only have one thing to say. They are great! You did a very commendable job on these cloaks, they fit me and my friend very well indeed. We will both be recommending your site to anyone interested in purchasing high quality, hand made cloaks and robes. Thanks again." Jacob C
"Thanks so much! The robe arrived yesterday, and it was perfect! The measurements are exactly what we had hoped for, and it fits extremely well. Great doing business with you! I'm sure we will shop again for any Jedi needs." -- jsimcic
"The Robes Are beautiful!!!! They are perfect in every way!!! Blown away!! You are going to get a lot more business from us!! You are going to be the schools official robe maker :) Thanks a lot!! - Caleb M.
"We received the robes yesterday afternoon. They are the perfect completion to both our wardrobes for this Halloween. Last year we won best couple at the big bash, and we are a pretty good shoe in for this year with these robes. I am sure that we will find other excuses to get them on as well. I really appreciate you working with our deadline. Thanks again," R. Scott
"I received my robe today and it looks and fits perfectly. Thank You," J. Morris Louisville, KY
"I received the robe and it is fantastic. I just wanted to say thanks for a job well done, and keep up the great work." - James B.
Thanks to all at Mystik Merchant. The sleeve length is just right, the hood depth seems more managable, the robe has a slimmer profile at the bottom and the enlarged arm holes accommodate my costume better. Thanks for all the effort in making these changes. You've proven your committment to total customer satisfation, and have earned my recommendation to any seeking to purchase quality robes. Steven R. Richmond, IN
"Just recieved the cloak. Great job, it really looks amazing. Thanks a bunch and give my regards to the Mad Seamstress." -- Jean Pierre, FL
"Unreal work.. Looks wonderful.. Well worth the price. Could easily get more for these. lol. Great quality and I have seen and felt the real robes. Is almost a perfect match, would never know the difference unless ya were a real stickler. Thanks again for the great Work and great and fast shipping." Max
I just wanted to thank you. I ordered the robe Thursday and it arrived yesterday (Monday), (impressive delivery speed) and I'm very happy with it. (You can use that as an unsolicited testimonial.)
"It will work very well for its intended purpose, which is to pray in until I am allowed the habit of my Order. (It's a little too full and flowing to practice Tai Chi Chuan, Tae Kwon Do, Aikiken, and Aikijo - maybe some Aikiken and Aikijo work for fun.) When I pull the hood over, I feel like I'm in a tent. That helps me avoid distractions. Of course, I'll still use it after receiving the habit. I'm curious if you've had other customers use your robes for this purpose." Regards, Adam M.
"I just wanted to comment back on how bloody amazing your work is. The robe is amazing. You recently sold another robe to a friend of mine who is making a fan film - that's how I got hooked in. Anyway keep up the good work -- you will definitely get my business again." - T. O'Connor
"We have just received the Jedi robes we ordered and they are terrific!! Just as you had promised. They were better than what we expected. Thank you for the great job and the excellent service." -- Abraham D., Mexico
"Wow. WOW!!! Awesome work! Can't speak highly of you enough. I was pretty sure you'd be worth the hype and I am not the least disappointed. Your handiwork is absolutely second to none, and I can say with hand on heart that you should be working on movie wardrobes! You guys are officially my favourite ebay sellers ever!!! And I have 600+ feedback. I just bought my second robe from you on ebay." -- Alex S. (U.K. 2/22/05)
"Hey guys! I got the Emperor Palpatine robe yesterday! I caved in and gave it to my wife for Valentine's Day in advance! She loved it, and I did as well! You do excellent quality work for good prices! I am very impressed! At some point when I have some more dough, I may have you make one for me as well! KUDOS to you! Pleasure doing business with ya. Thanks again!" -- Mike, 2/10/05
"I downloaded the Imperial March theme, turned the lights off and sat in my swivel chair, light saber in hand, facing the window for when my friends came in. It rocked! Thanks so much, worth every penny, and legendary service. If I need another tailor-made Jedi robe, I certainly know where to go. -- Wriggling with glee, Jon" (1/18/05)
"What can I say, the robe is absolutely awesome!! The fabric is great, very durable, and bravo to the Mad Seamstress for the craftsmanship. This is the best Ebay item I have ever found. If there is an award for best Ebay item you should win hands down!!!!! Keep up the great work!! PS I shipped a big box of Swiss chocolates to your PO box!" njcat - 1/4/05
"I am totally speechless. This Jedi robe is SOOOOOOO COOL!!!! Thank you, Mystik, for an OUTSTANDING, HIGH QUALITY Jedi robe. I will now leave feedback ( + of course )" -- 12/6/04 -- T.B.
"Hey just wanted to let you know that I received the robe Saturday morning (just in time) and everything looked really great! You guys did a terrific job! I will send along photos shortly (have to develop them). Looking forward to doing business with you again! -- Rob 11/1/04
"Ya'll weren't kidding on the website on how big the robe actually is. It's very impressive. All the measurements seem to have worked out good. If I know of anybody needing a robe of this type I'll be sure to send them your way because of the ease of transaction to the speedy delivery of the final product. Not to mention how awesome the robe looks! Thanks again--and I just left feedback on eBay!" -- Ziad K. 10/30/04
"Hi, I got it and it's awesome! I'm making Christmas cards using the costume. If you will give me a mailing address I'd love to send you one. Thanks!" -- Robert 10/27/04
"I just got it today and all I can say is, WOW. It looks incredible. To tell you the truth when I got the package and saw how small it was, I was like, nah that canТt possibly be it, but when I opened it and put the robe on, it was unbelievable. You guys do exquisite work. Please pass on my appreciation to the Mad Seamstress." :-) -- Steve M. 10/9/04
"Mystic and Gang: Just received my robe, it is incredible! The craftsmanship is great! I can't wait to show it around! As soon a I get a picture I will send it to you! Thanks again for the fast delivery and great job!" Miguel S. -- 10/9/04
"I just got my robe today, an incredible TWO DAYS after I sent my measurements. I can't believe how fast it got here. Now let me tell you about how impressed I am. This is the most accurate Jedi robe I have ever seen. After my initial "WOW" period, which lasted about 15 minutes, I put on all my Jedi gear. I got out the ol' visual dictionary for comparison, and I'll be sithspawn if it wasn't dead on! Every detail of this product is amazing. I thank you for your dedication and attention to detail, and your customer service ca't be beat! Send anyone with questions about these robes to me, I'll tell them how it is!! Scott 9/3/04
"I wanted to let you know that I received my robe in the mail yesterday afternoon and I couldn't be more happy with it. The craftsmanship and fit are superb. It is extremely comfortable to wear and accurate in detail. My compliments for the FAST and friendly service! I have already begun recommending you to others and hope to do business again with you in the near future." - Chris 9/29/04
"Just letting you know that the robe has arrived here in Cornwall, I am very pleased. It is better than I thought. Will send a picture when my costume is complete." -- Robert M. 9/29/04
"I LOVE the Skywalker cloak... The hood is PERFECT and it wraps around me wonderfully. I will be ordering from you guys again for sure. Thanks for all your help." -- Robbie 9/24/04
"Its great, The robe fits perfectly and looks great. I can't take it off--I keep walking past a mirror to get the walk right! Thank you so much! I will send pics when I have the rest of my costume and a longer review. Thanks, Mystik and the gang, another well deserved pat on the back!" -- Jon 08/25/04
"I got the black Jedi robe today. It's SO COOL. When you said you authentic you weren't kidding. It's exactly right! I am even now devising a place of hiding from my cat and her evil white hairs! Thank you so much!"-- Ryan, 3/31/04
"I just got my robe and it is everything I could have hoped for! I think it's actually nicer than the ones in the movies. I wore it to the ren. festival yesterday and many, many people asked about it, and almost all of them pointed out (without any prompting from me) how nicely tailored it is. Of course, I told them all exactly where I got it, and how to find you on the web. As soon as I get some pictures I will send you one. (Emperor's voice) "You have done well."--S. M. 3/06/04
"I just wanted to let you know that the robe arrived, and it's even better than I had dared to hope. Lovely work, great fabric, amazing service. I'll send any pictures of me in Jedi mode when I get the chance. It may end up on a few NASA websites, as I'm an astronomer who does a lot of public-relations work, and they want to film a segment about how I got involved in science. Star Wars was my sole inspiration, in fact, and I think I should dress appropriately! Thanks again!" -- Michelle T. 03/11/04
"OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!! I got the robe in time on the 28th, and it's ABSOLUTELY KILLER! I tend to be a bit verbose at times, as you may be able to tell by my use of the word verbose, but I simply was not able to email you until I calmed down enough to think about the robe. You will SOOOOO get pictures! -b- 3/01/04
"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the wonderful Jedi robe I bought from you guys for this Halloween. It was absolutely outstanding! Great quality, great look. Everyone loved my Jedi outfit during my various H'ween excursions, and it wouldn't have been anywhere near as successful and professional looking without your robe. If it's okay with you, I'll send a few pics of me in the robe so you can see how it all came together!" -- C. N. 11/10/03
"You guys ROCK! I'm a already spreadin' the praises about your outfit! All this just cause one night I got it in my head that I wanted a neat kickass black cloak/robe for certain occasions/ceremonies. Not only did I get one from you guys, but have the option to show up at a Star Wars convention as a Dark Knight in field full of Jedi Brownies! You can't rock it better than that!!!" -- David M., 9/19/03
"That's awesome!!! I tell you, your customer service is fantastic, right along with your product. You definitely have my recommendation and customer loyalty. You guys rock. My first Anakin looks like a work of art! Thanks abunch...!" - Hector C, having bought a SECOND Anakin cloak for "dress" occasions 4/10/04
"Just wanted you to know that I got my robe on Saturday, and it's better than I could of ever expected! Simply wonderful...I'm so pleased. I worked Saturday night and wore it as much as I could in the DJ booth...all the girls went crazy for it. They wanna wear it on stage...LOL! I had my friend snap some pics and I will e-mail you a few if they are any good. If anyone I know is interested in buying...I will be more than happy to send them your way...thanks again!" --H. the DJ, 3/3/04
"I was anxiously waiting by the mailbox today, and let me tell you, INCREDIBLE! I probably stood there wearing it for 30 minutes with a huge grin on my face checking it out in the mirror! Great work! I left positive feedback on ebay! IТll send some pics when I get it all together." -- C.
"I just got my robe today!!! I can't believe how quickly it arrived... it fits perfect! it is just AWESOME! I am 100% happy with it... thank you so much!!!" D. P. 10/08/03
"Just a quick note to let you know the robe was a smash hit. I think of all the costumes at the con, it was one of the most photographed, Many, Many, Many compliments on the robe. So many people could not believe the way it flowed. All I can say is, Domo Arigato, many THANKX again, Carol P"
"Everyone who has seen the robe is amazed at the quality for the price. The workmanship is absolutely beautiful and it is very comfortable. You obviously take a great deal of pride in your work. Thank you for making such a high quality garment available at such an incredibly low price!" Ken C.
"I just received it today. Thank you very much it is awesome I can not wait for Halloween to wear it with my Darth Maul lightsaber when I go out with my kids. It's so incredibly perfect! You guys have done an excellent job on this I can't thank you enough it is a awesome awesome item!" Anthony 10/08/03
"I finally got the chance to email you back and thank you for the wonderful Jedi robe!! My boyfriend loved it and it's a perfect fit! Thank you so much! I will keep your email address so if I want my own, I'll place another order. Thank you again!! :)" Sarah M.
"I received my Jedi Robe today, and I must say it is AWESOME!!! It's so incredibly perfect! You guys have done an excellent job on this, seriously. you have made the little boy in me very happy. Thanks!!!!!! :) Since I'm getting all dressed up in my full costume tomorrow, I'll have pictures to send you this weekend. Thanks once again!!" Jarett W.
"I just received my Jedi Cloak!!! It fits perfect, it looks incredible! I can't say enough for your abilities or the robe itself. I guess I'm in shock that it's so well done! I thank you for making this a work of art!!! I'll give you an endorsement anytime you need one on your site or ads...just ask! -- Satisfied customer!!!!!"
“My robe is absolutely wonderful. It fits perfectly, and it moves and swooshes just like the real thing. The workmanship is outstanding. I love striding around the house wearing it. The dimensions are perfect, it fits me exactly right. I love the way it flows when I walk, and the hood is really cool. It arrived really quick, a great product from great people. I haven't seen anything better. So happy there is someone who really cares about the finished product, and making their customers so happy! I love my cloak!" - Jedi Anaria Zar-Rel 3/11/04
"I received my brown Jedi robe today. It looks great. I tried it on and it fits great. Thanks for making this transaction very successful. I will definitely recommend your company to others!" Todd B.
"I received my robe in today's mail. I just put it on and had to let you know it is fantastic. I was a little concerned about it fitting properly but it is a perfect fit; cheers to the "Mad Seamstress" for a perfect job. This will make the perfect finishing touch to my Jedi uniform. Once I get everything together I will send you some pics for your future web site; it would be my pleasure to show off such a well made robe!" -- R. (Dec. 10, '03)
"The cloak is really beautiful! My son - who I ordered it for - loves it and it will look great with his Ren Faire costume! Thank you so much!"
"I don't have any pics of me wearing my robe, but I have no problem being used as a reference! I absolutely loved the robe, and I've gotten a multitude of compliments, and people asking me where I got it from. You guys do great work! Thanks!" -- Shawn