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WOOL ROBES  -- Sorry, we no longer make them.

The Mad Seamstress is creaky and cranky and the stuff is hard for her to sew. She's allergic to it and the sneezing tends to rock the studio in a bad way, so no more wool robes from Mystik Merchant.


BUT--This page is a 101 "Buyer Beware" on wool.

Sadly, some costumers sell fabric that is technically wool,

but may not look like the stuff you saw in the films.

This page is up as a public service thing

so you can make an informed decision about your outfit!



--is what they used in the films. It is VERY thick and heavy, hence the term "blanket."

If you want screen-accurate, that's the stuff you want!


If a seller offers "wool", always ask for a swatch before buying.  A good seller will have no problem with this! 

Many "wool" robes can be paper-thin gabardine, suiting, or pajama flannel with polyester in the content.

Those are like Melton the way a bicycle is like a Harley.

The fabric is cheaper, too, so beware of sellers jacking up the price to Melton levels.

A good Melton Wool robe will run at least 3 figures for price, 200.00-300.00 unlined.

A mid-weight felt finish wool costs less and is a good substitute for Melton. Get samples!   (Hey, you might like it!)



This is the other reason why we no longer make wool robes.

Most wool production has been out-sourced overseas.

The wool has to arrive via container ship, causing long delays between order and delivery.  We once had to wait 2 months for a delivery!

The wool costs MORE because of shipping fees & customs taxes than if we made it here in the USA.

Stupid, huh?  Blame the genius politicians who thought it up.  We do.


DIY:  Where to find Melton

We used these sellers.

B. Black & Son - this is the company that supplied wool for the film costumers.

Denver Fabrics - Melton wool at a lower price. Their "felt" wool is good quality.

The average robe using our specific pattern took 6 yards of 60" wide fabric.

Four for the body of the robe, and the left over 2 yards for hood and sleeve extensions.

You'll have leftovers, but hey, you can make a nice winter scarf or add hidden pockets or something!

Check Padawan's Guide website for patterns.





Put a finished wool robe through the washer/dryer and it will SHRINK!  

A floor length robe will wind up knee-length.  

This happened to one of our clients.  He loaned his wool robe and afterward his helpful friend washed it by mistake.  Happy ending, though.  The much shorter robe was sold on eBay and the proceeds used to buy a new robe from us. 

But the point is never NEVER wash/dry a finished wool robe of any kind!!!!  

ALWAYS dry clean!!  It's much less costly than buying another robe!


FULL ROBE .jpg (209829 bytes)  Hoodeyessmall.jpg (128642 bytes)  SaberObi.jpg (310431 bytes)
RobeSIDEwool.jpg (777145 bytes)
2010 Geoffrey Donne and/or Artists on the Attack Productions

Professional actor Geoffrey Donne on location
in California for the production of
The Passage: After the Fall
wearing one of our Obi Wan wool robes. 

Even if we don't make wool robes no more, the pics are just freakin' awesome!

"I just attended the FIDIM show, and viewed the original costumes in detail.
Your Melton wool is actually SPOT on for Obi Wan in the most recent film;
the robe appears darker and redder on camera and in print."-- Geoffrey Donne

Mystik Merchant expresses its deep appreciation to Mr. Donne
and other members of Artists on the Attack Productions
for the use of the above images.

You guys rock


The down-side of wool....dare you to read it!  

Wool is HOT.  NOT kidding.  

Hot.  (In a bad way.)

Sweaty heat-stroke-you-freakin'-DIE-hot.  

We have gotten orders for cotton robes from those who already own wool robes. They want something more comfortable and buy cotton!

Don't believe us??  Put on a couple t-shirts, heavy shirt, sweat shirt, then your winter coat and walk around all day in that stuff.  THAT'S the heat factor you will get wearing a wool robe for a few hours over the rest of your costume.

We do not recommend them to clients living in warm climates.  After a short time, they turn into a walking sauna bath. If you plan to be outside in summer heat, it can be dangerous. 

It just ain't the done thing for a hero to keel over from heat stroke!

For all that, the robe IS still a costume--we do not recommend its use as winter survival gear.

WOOL is also:

A lint and pet fur magnet. (Dogs & cats loooooove to snuggle in wool!)

Needs mothballs while in storage or it gets full of holes when you're not looking.  (Moth larvae love an all you can eat wool buffet!)

Requires DRY CLEANING  (Or your action figures will inherit the robe after a wash & dry.)

SCRATCHY if you're allergic to it! (No matter how soft it is, it'll feel like ants crawling on you.)

FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE!  (Yeah, we've mentioned that, but it's still true.)


Data dump over now! We've probably talked you out of it, but at least you've been warned!  ;)


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