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How to order:

There is a Paypal "BUY" button on each page, click on it.

The Paypal page will open with the price of the style you want, a box for your measurements, and a box for your phone number and when you need the robe.

Don't put in "ASAP." Give us a deadline date.

We usually deliver earlier than that, but it helps to know where to put your order in the production line.

International Delivery Time:

If you live outside the USA allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Your robe has to pass through customs and they take their own sweet time.

Do you make the rest of the costume?

No. We make custom-fit robes and cloaks only, and see to it they're the best ones out there. We are not set up for the rest of the outfit. We don't even have patterns for those.

For help with the rest of the outfit, you can try Padawan's Guide. (Google is your friend!)

I'm making a fan film, for a free/discounted robe I'll pimp your business in the credits!

Thank you, but we're a very TINY business and can't afford to give away robes or even discount them. We'll be happy to offer a small discount for multiple robe orders so long as they all go to the same delivery address, but that's all we can do.

I want a robe/cloak just like the one in this video game--can you do it?

Send links to a good clear picture of the item and we'll let you know. Be aware that game designers have no clue how to make a real world robe/cloak, they're better at drawing them. That said, GRAVITY operates differently in animation (or not at all) so that badass flowing robe in a game video is going to (mis)behave differently in the real world.

I want an exact match of the brown in the movies / from this pic on your website!

We'd love to match them as well, but it's just not possible. We're at the mercy of what's available from our suppliers, and there will be different dye lots at different times.

We stock a rich dark brown that has the right weight and texture for a fine robe that will last for years. The main thing to know is the outfit under the robe will let people will know who you're cosplaying.

Please wear something UNDER the robe, you don't want to scare the parents or anyone with a cell phone and YouTube account.

If you'd like a fabric sample, just contact us and include a snail mail address.

Do you make robes in other colors?

We're sorry, but due to the difficulty and expense of locating colors other than black or brown, we're no longer doing custom color robes. It's not only hard to find the right weight, texture and weave, but monitors simply do not show the actual color. We've had to eat the expense of buying unusable fabric one time too many. Ours is a microscopic business, we just can't afford to do this. Hope you understand!

I have fabric, will you make my robe from it?

Absolutely not.

Sorry, but every single time we said yes, it was a disaster. The client had either unsuitable fabric, the wrong color (he was color blind, we kid you not), the fabric was too narrow, or there wasn't nearly enough of it.

The Mad Seamstress put her foot down and said no more. No exceptions. No exceptions to the no exceptions.

We're on her side, because you don't have to live with her--we do!

Will you sell me the pattern? I want it only for my personal use.

We trust you, but the answer is no. The Mad Seamstress is a grouchy, paranoid curmudgeon and worked for several years and through several drafts to get to the one she uses now. She's not going to part with it. Might as well ask a chef to share a signature recipe. It ain't gonna happen.

Do you make a Darth Maul outfit?

No, sorry, we don't. The robe over it is a black academic robe such as those worn at Cambridge and Oxford. Do a Google image search to see what's available.

My robe is too long/short!

If the robe is too short, mail it back, send us the correct measurements, and we'll replace it.

If it's too long, you can hem it yourself. If you can sew on a button, you can do a hem, we'll work with you. It's easier to do that than send it back to us.

We don't recommend taking it to a dry cleaner who does alterations. Get a quote for the work first. One client got stuck with a 70.00 bill for less than 5 minutes of sewing time from a alterations person who thought rather too well of her work.

Sometimes you can get a sewing relative/friend to run a quick hem for you. Treat them to dinner or lunch as a thank you.

You sent the wrong color!

Send it back, we'll replace it with the correct color

What if I don't like my robe?

Send it back within 10 days for a refund.


We dealt with a cheap fella who wore it for a show, claimed he didn't like it, and demanded a refund. It smelled of cigarettes, sweat, had food and makeup stains on it. He'd gamed us, which wasn't nice.

Send back a worn robe (we can tell) and the Mad Seamstress will charge a "rental" fee. How high a fee depends on her mood and we already warned you that she's a grouchy curmudgeon.

She has no problem if a robe just doesn't work for a client; she'll play fair and not leave anyone swinging in the wind.

I want a long robe with a long train like one in the movies. Those are awesome!

Indeed they are, but we won't do that. Trains are B-A-D. We don't do 'em for safety reasons. If you want to look imperial, try our Big Sleeves robe!

1) Danger factor: Unless you are a professional bride and only posing for a studio picture, having a train is a bad idea. It takes practice to walk in them. Try pinning bath towels one after another to the hem of your bathrobe and walk around the house for a few hours. Count how many times you get twisted up in your train, the train twists itself inside out, furniture is knocked over, total up complaints from house mates, pet fur, dust bunnies, how dirty it gets, etc. That's a sample of what you'll deal with if you have a train.

2) The Wearage factor: Okay, he's the Emperor. He's got more money than Bill Gates, so he can get a new robe twice a day. He doesn't have to worry that his robe will be ruined after the first wearing due to dirt, friction damage, getting chewing gum, mud, road tar, and dog poop all over it. (We've seen ALL of those happen.)

3) The Oblivious Klutz Factor: You've seen them at every con and many a shopping mall--the klutz who doesn't look where he or she is going. This person WILL step on your train, getting big fat dirty shoe prints all over your expensive robe. They don't care that you're the Emperor, they're busy with their stuff and you should watch out for them, right? When they step on your robe chances are you will be walking and get hauled up short, which is most uncool for any galactic despot.

4) The Brat Factor: Kids and young teens--these are bratty mini-jerks who will think your train is a special ride just for them or lift it up and play "ghost" with it or that you're a fair target since you can't chase after them when they jump on it on purpose or spill their drinks on it when the parents aren't looking. Heck, sometimes it IS the parents!

5) Pissing Off Your Friends Factor: This happens when your good friends, playing emperor's minions and picking the train up and guarding it from harm, finally get fed up. Especially female friends. Women learned a long time back the only time to have a train is at a wedding and just for the one walk up the aisle and a few pics. After that she's got it looped over one arm. Her friends laugh at the inconvenience. She can't wait to get the &*%$ thing off and into its box. (Been there, done that.) Keep your friends, don't put them through the torture.

Expect any one or all of the above to happen if you wear a costume with a train.

As Emperor you want to sweep effortlessly through the crowds, not be looking after your costume like a self-conscious bride trying to spare her wedding dress from harm. The art of making a costume seem like normal clothing is to forget that you're wearing it. Can't happen with a 14-foot train dragging behind you.

The actor on the screen could stop every time there was a break in the shot and people rushed forward to adjust his costume, dust it off, and clean the floor under it.

It's Hollywood Magic.

You won't have that at a convention or a film theater. Just try sitting in even a wide theater seat with 14 feet of fabric bunched up in your lap. Not fun.

Forget about trying to use the washroom with any kind of dignity. Ain't gonna happen.

Just look cool and badass. With the right attitude you don't need to spoil the effect with a distracting and unintentionally humorous train.

Okay--we've now probably screwed ourselves out of a sale, but YOUR safety and comfort are more important.

Data dump over now.