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Sorry, but for the duration of the Halloween season, we are suspending production for this cloak. It takes a long time and lots of extra labor to make, and we need to shift those into the production of our regular robes.

Sorry, but we will NOT be making the "Kylo Ren" or "Darth Revan" outfits.

We do one of the few accurate replications of this design! The Mad Seamstress took pics and detailed sketches of the original Ep2 cloak when the museum exhibit came to our town and the results from her studio are impressive! This style has what we call The WOW factor. It is instantly recognizable by fans -- a head turner when you sweep into a room. Be prepared to stop and pose for pics at cosplay events!

This is a CLOAK -- no sleeves -- not a robe (has sleeves). We make only the cloak, not the rest of the costume, but be assured we do a good job of it, just check out the pics!

Awesome Apprentice Cloaks are NOT one-size fits all. The design is for tall, lean figures. This cloak will fit an Amazing Spiderman but not The Incredible Hulk.

If your physique is more stalwart warrior than lean learner, do not buy this one--it won't fit in the shoulders or hang right. Not even a little. Our robes will work much better for you!

Sweep of the cloak depends on your height. Talls 6 feet and up will have a hem width of 14-15 feet. If you're a petite five foot and change lady knight, then the hem width will be less. The original design was for a tall, lean figure.

It is made of 6 distinct sections + the hood:
* Two lined tabards hang in front from shoulders.
* Two large triangular shaped sections on each side.
* Two very full hemmed back pieces.
* Extra large hood.

Put together they are freakin' AWESOME!

This is NOT an ordinary cloak with two slits cut up the front as the tabards. Some sellers have done that hoping you won't notice the difference. This version is an accurate replication with a lot of attention to detail. It needs more fabric and takes much longer to make than a regular robe, hence the higher price compared to our robes.

But hey--you can't beat The Wow Factor!

This style cloak has limited sizing:
* Will fit knights up to 21" wide shoulders; if you are wider, then it won't hang right and be too tight across the top. If more narrow, you're fine, but don't be less than 16" wide across the shoulders or it will droop. No, we do not make kid sizes for this one.
* Has a 24" tall X 20" deep hood.
* Made from quality poly/cotton twill in brown or black. This is bottom weight (like pants) fabric with a tight weave. No see-through!
* French seams--NO raw edges, much stronger than interlock stitching.

Our clients LOVE this style!

The cloak was delivered this afternoon and it is absolutely completely BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!! I love it truly, madly, and deeply!! It fits like a dream, and with my costume boots it is the perfect length, It billows when I walk, and the tabards fall elegantly just as they are supposed to. It is the perfect color and astonishingly identical to the one in the film. -- "Lianakin" in California

I'm so pleased with how the cloak has turned out; the fabric and work that has gone into it are fantastic. It's incredible. I'll be sure to send more photos as soon as they're available Thanks again! -- Tim in the UK

Received my Awesome Apprentice cloak today and I must say it is unbelievable! Really! I was a little worried about the fabric but it really looks Incredible in person! Great construction, also. I'm very, very pleased!
To be honest I bought a costume from another vender over you for my first purchase a few years ago and the hood wasn't deep enough and didn't hang/look proper with the hood up!
I can just say yours is 100% perfect and screen accurate! Looks amazing while I'm walking around!" -- Scott B.

Got the Apprentice Cloak yesterday, you guys rule, it's awesome. It's so nice to have something tall enough for me, thanks. - Travis, AR

Please visit our Measurements page before placing an order.

Allow at least 10 business days for us to make and deliver your custom cloak.

International orders allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Things get held up in customs.

Questions? We LOVE 'em! Please write if you have any, we're here for you!

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